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Visit to the Fairy Tale part two

Visit to the Fairy Tale part two

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This collection contains fairy tales "Princess and the Pea", "The little mermaid", "Maria the wonderful weaver", "Sitting on the golden porch", "Bells of Autumn". Princess and the Pea The film is dedicated to the memory of the great Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen and is based upon one of his best fairy tales. A little Mermaid fell in love with a Prince whom she once had saved during a storm. For the sake of her love she sacrificed many things: she fearlessly left her home, striking a deal with an evil sorceress. Using all kinds of magical incantations in exchange for the Mermaid’s beautiful voice, the witch had replaced the fish tail by human legs, making it possible for the Mermaid to walk and live on earth. The Little Mermaid had gone through all these trials only to be near her beloved. But the Prince, not realizing how lucky he is, loses her forever… The little mermaid In one of the realms, there was time for the prince to get married, but the bride would have to be a real princess. A sign was put up on the gates: “ A Princess Wanted”. But in response to it there appeared only a small girl, wet to the bones after the rain and bearing no resemblance to nobility. So the prince was obliged to venture off to other lands in search of a suitable match. Henceforth the prince’s adventures unfold. In one kingdom, he met a fat king, in another – a hospitable king. He also visited the kingdom of arts. He saw enough princesses, beautiful and clever. And yet, the real princess, the only one he longed for, proved to be the girl who had knocked at their door during a rainstorm… Maria the wonderful weaver The film is based on Russian folk tales. After serving in the army, a soldier is returning home. In an enchanted forest he meets Ivanushka whose mother, Maria the Wonderful Weaver, has been stolen by the evil, treacherous and elusive Tsar Vodokrut XIII. The brave soldier decides to help Ivanushka. In search of the boy’s mother, he will traverse with him the enchanted forest and will go down to the sea bottom… Sitting on the golden porch A merry fairy tale with an entertaining storyline, featuring wonderful Russian actors (Mikhail Pugovkin, Leonid Kuravlyov, Tatyana Konyukhova, Zinovy Gerdt, Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina), who have been successfully appearing in many children’s comedies and films. Two kings – Fedot and Amphibrachys – had been peaceful neighbors for many a year. But one day the Underwater Tsar kidnapped Amphibrachys and took him to the sea bottom, upon which the queen found it difficult to manage all the affairs. Besides, her daughter, Alyona, had gotten out of hand. That’s when the mother decided to find her a fianc? who would be a jack-of-all-trades. And Tsar Fedot had three sons – Tsarevich Pavel, Tsarevich Pyotr and Tsarevich Ivan, whom everybody regarded a fool. However, he succeeded in winning Alyona’s heart, and, conquering Kaschei the Deathless, freed King Amphibrachys from captivity. Bells of Autumn A musical film based upon A.S. Pushkin’s fairy tale “The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights”. The tale narrated by Innokenty Smoktunovsky. Viewers’ comments in the Internet: “This film is a terrific example of how just 3 pages of Pushkin’s text can be made into a fascinating 90-minute spectacle. And the music! – One listens to it as to an independent, accomplished work. And, certainly, Smoktunovsky is just superb! Amazingly, even his voiceover makes you appreciate the genius of this Master. Many thanks to the film director!”
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