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Nikita Mikhalkov. The Best.

Nikita Mikhalkov. The Best.

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Dark eyes An Italian, Romano (Marcello Mastroianni, Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival), while at a European spa, falls in love with a young Russian woman. He leaves his opulent life in Italy, to pursue his love into Russia, in hopes of seeing, and, perhaps, beginning an altogether new life… The Russian soul with its eternal mystery, Russian provincial ways and Chekhovian motives in Nikita Mikhalkov’s directing took on satirical, farcical hues. HITCHHIKING Incredible adventures of an Italian test auto-racer in the exotic and so unpredictable Russia! Originally, this film was made as a commercial for the Fiat Automobile Company, but the abundance of the shot material proved enough for editing a full-length feature. ANNA: FROM SIX TO EIGHTEEN This film is the first part of the Mikhalkovs-Konchalovskys family saga (“Mother”, “Father”). The film’s heroine, the director’s daughter Anna, answers the author’s questions throughout 10 years of her life. Her answers are intertwined with archive newsreels breathing of the era. The pulse of history, the evolution of Russian society, the fall of the Great Empire are seen through the prism of the awareness of a growing person who must keep the dynasty’s traditions… BURNT BY THE SUN The summer of 1936. The legendary Division Commander Kotov, a famous military leader and Stalin’s personal favorite, is vacationing with his family at his dacha. The idyll of the house with an attic is interrupted by the sudden arrival of Mitya, a former student of Kotov’s wife Marousia’s father. Mitya and Marousia were lovers once, dreaming of the future together… Today, Mitya is collaborating with the NKVD, and he came to take revenge… The film is closing the theme of the 1930s in Soviet history, capturing the atmosphere of “a long happy day in the life of a girl, which will end with her father being taken away”. Barber of Siberia The film’s action takes place over a hundred years ago, during the rule of Alexander III. “The Barber of Siberia” is a steam-engined, self-propelling saw-mill for manufacturing of which the dreamer and adventurist McCracken (Richard Harris) tries to get a commission from appropriate Russian state authorities. Jane (Julia Ormond) is dispatched to help McCracken in the disguise of his daughter who would blackmail the officials of the Commission on Technical Innovations. On her way she meets Cadet Andrey Tolstoy (Oleg Menshikov) and his comrades. Jane’s Moscow target is to be the head of the cadet school General Radlov (Alexei Petrenko) who also happens to be Deputy Chairman of the Commission. The General gets enamored with the beautiful foreigner. However, her love preference is Andrey. The latter, with the fervor typical of a Russian officer, reciprocates. The showdown takes place… in the theatre. Andrey, playing the part of Figaro in a student production of “The Barber of Seville”, overcome by jealousy, attacks Radlov directly from the stage. Unfortunately for Andrey, the performance is attended by Czarevich Mikhail and Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich (Yevgeny Steblov), and Tolstoy ends up being accused of an attempt on their lives. The shackled former cadet is sent to Siberia, followed there by his servant Dunyasha (Anna Mikhalkova) who is madly in love with him. Will Andrey ever see Jane and… his son?
Mikhalkov Nikita
Студия «Три Тэ»
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