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This first film, as the rest of the series, enjoyed great popularity thanks to the charisma of a wonderful actor, Georgy Zhzhyonov, who gave a brilliant characterization of the secret agent. (1969 box-office leader – 35.4 million viewers). A film debut of actor and bard Mikhail Nozhkin, the author of such hit songs as “The Last Electric Train”, “We Want to Tell You Honestly”, “I Love You, Russia”, “The Last Battle”. His new song, written specially for the film, “I Was Drinking the Sap of a Forest Birch Tree”, broke all the records for winning the people’s love. Based on V. Vostokov and O. Shmelyov’s novel “With Cards on the Table” Georgy Zhzhyonov (“Air Crew”, “Beware of Automobiles”) and Mikhail Nozhkin (“Liberation”, “The Way through Hell”) in the second film of the acclaimed spy cycle: “THE SECRET AGENT’S BLUNDER”, “THE SECRET AGENT’S DESTINY”, “THE SECRET AGENT’S RETURN”, “THE END OF OPERATION ‘SECRET AGENT’”. Part 1 – “With Cards on the Table”, Part 2 – “Western Trail”. Soviet counterintelligence takes a decision not to stop the game with their adversary, and recruit the help of the enemy spy, Tulyev (Georgy Zhzhyonov), who is serving time in prison. The West’s intelligence center once again begins receiving coded messages signed “Hope”… 1970 box-office leader – 28.7 million viewers! “We stood in long queues to get to see this great, beautiful, intelligent film…” “An interesting plot, great acting, best songs…” (Viewers’ comments in the Internet) A sequel to the absorbing story of the life of a professional intelligence agent, Mikhail Tulyev – the main protagonist of the films “The Secret Agent’s Blunder” and “The Secret Agent’s Destiny”. … The ‘bosses’ put their agent, who had been ‘in the clutches of KGB’, to a serious test. He fails to convince them of his loyalty. Tulyev’s stay abroad becomes dangerous, and he returns to the Soviet Union. All the romantic attributes of a classic spy story are in place – chases, secret rendezvous, lie detectors and keys to ciphers. Add to it the fast-paced action, interesting characters and the intriguing plot, and you’ll understand you just got to see both this film and the whole series. And ending to the nationally acclaimed story (“The Secret Agent’s Blunder”, “The Secret Agent’s Destiny”, “The Secret Agent’s Return”) about a professional intelligence agent, former White Guard and Count Mikhail Tulyev. The operation “Secret Agent” that has spanned 15 years is coming to its completion… The perfect casting, the aptly-chosen intimate tone of narration and the personal charisma of Georgy Zhzhynov had guaranteed the film’s heroes a long life in the memory of several generations of viewers, as well as the film’s rightful place in the annals of the golden collection of national cinema as the first popular series about intelligence men.
Dorman Veniamin
Vostokov Vladimir / Shmelev Oleg
Zhzhenov Georgy / Nozhkin Mikhail / Zhakov Oleg / Kopelyan Efim / Vertogradov Andrey / Velyaminov Petr / Bronevoy Leonid / Rozanova Irina / Yarmolnik Leonid
К/с им. Горького
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